Stock levels

We carry as much stock as possible to ensure you receive the quickest possible delivery. It's always wise to contact us if you need something urgently as there is a good chance we'll have it in stock or at the very least it could already be in transit to our warehouse.

Our stock descriptions:

"Usually 1-3 days" - The item is almost always in stock or on its way to our warehouse

"Usually 1-7 days" - The item is usually in stock or on order or on its way to our warehouse

"Usually 1-14 days" - The item is usually in stock but if not we would order it in for you. The lead time in that case would be up to 14 days or less.

"Usually 14-30 days" - The item may be in stock so please check with us first. For these types of products an order is usually placed with one of our suppliers on a 2 - 4 week lead time. Office furniture and custom made chairs usually fall into this category.

"Express" - We like to keep these items in stock for immediate delivery. If they are not available then we would usually have some on order.